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CW1308 Unarmoured Indoor Telephone Cable  

Reference Standard: CW1308
Application: This cable is used for communication and telephone systems where are installed indoor; Also it's designed to be terminated in Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC).
Conductor Material: Solid annealed copper referred to BS6360
Insulation Material: PVC
Laying-up: Pairs; Triples; Units
Drain Wire: Solid annealed copper
Wrapping: Polyester Tape
Filler: Petrolatum Jelly filled
Sheath Material: PVC
Sheath Color: Black
Shape: Circular in cross-section
Voltage Rating: 300/500V
Temperature Rating: 0 o C to 70 o C
Bending Radius: 8 x overall diameter
Color Code

Electrical Performance:


Conductor Diameter (mm)

Insulation Resistance of per km at 20 o C Max. (Ohms)

Capacitance Unbalance of per km
Max. (pF)











ATL is part of a worldwide network of cabling manufacturers located in 20 major countries around the globe. With the fast growing technology in voice and data transmission, ATL has always tried to stay one step ahead of cable technology. ATL is dedicated to the task of supplying our customers with, the most reliable and the best performing cabling products possible.

ATL cabling products are recognized as the cable of choice in over 20 countries around the world. The quality and performance are unmatched.

ATL is the only source our clients need for cabling solutions to meet any cabling standards. our clients could install ATL cable with complete assurance that it meets, and offer exceeds, all of the applicable standards.

Our sales force is a team of knowledgeable and cabling professional. Each of them has been carefully selected by ATL to provide the backup resources our clients may require for getting their job done efficiently and economically.


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