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ATL,handles many cabling system products,including full line of structured cabling system product,specially containing UTP FTP STP SFTP product, together with fiber cabling system product such as Single mode and Multi mode optic fiber cable. Besides, ATL also provide other cabling system connecting hardwares which include the following products:
1) Patch Panel
2) Keystone Jack
3) Cable Management
4) Patch Cord
5) Faceplates & Multimedia Outlets
6) Fiber Connectors and Adaptors,
7) Fiber Panels, Multimedia Outlets,
8) Surface Mount Boxes,
9) MDF ( Distribution Frame ) & ODF ( Distribution Frame )
10) Ethernet hub and Fibre Tranceivers,
11) Token ring product
12) ISDN and ADSL product
13) Racks and Cabinet

In cable lines, our products cover full range from Cat 3 25 pairs UTP cable, Cat 3 50 pairs UTP cable, Cat 3 100 pairs UTP cable, Cat5 4 pairs UTP and Cat 5 FTP cable, Cat 5e 4 pairs UTP and Cat 5e FTP cable, Cat 6 4 pairs UTP, Cat 6 4 pairs FTP, Cat 6 4 pairs SFTP cable and Cat 7 4 pairs SFTP cables. We could offer both solid and stranded patch cables for backbone and work area application.

In our networking lines, we offer full range of networking products such as ethernet hub , fast Ethernet hub, Ethernet switch and fast Ethernet switch, fibre transceiver, token ring products associated with cabling system.

In fiber cabling system field, our products cover full range from Single Mode, Multimode fiber cables with different constructions products( Loose Tube, Multi Loose Tube and Tight Buffered construction ) together with all kinds of Fiber accessories for both indoor and outdoor

With over hundreds of different cabling system & networking products, ATL offer one of the most complete lines of fiber optic and copper cabling system solutions.

Our superior product performance, backed by an extensive list of value-added services, provide leading edge within every cable and connectivity series and for every voice, data and also multimedia application.

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