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BS5308 Part1 Instrumentation Cable Polyethylene Insulated  
VDE Ref Code
PVC Sheath Version LSOH Sheath Version:
RE-2Y(St)Y (Overall Screen) RE-2Y(St)H (Overall Screen)
RE-2Y(St)Y PiMF(Individual Screen+Overall Screen) RE-2Y(St)HPiMF(Individual Screen+Overall Screen)
RE-2Y(St)Y-SWA(Overall Screen+Steel Wire Armour) RE-2Y(St)-SWA(Overall Screen+Steel Wire Armour)
RE-2Y(St)Y PiMF-SWA(Individual Screen+Overall Screen+Steel Wire Armour) RE-2Y(St)HPiMF-SWA(Individual Screen+Overall Screen+ Steel Wire Armour
Construction: Annealed solid copper(Class 1),stranded(Class2), Binder tape:A 23 micron p.e.t.p.tape applied with a
or fiexible(Class 5) to BS5360 . minimum 50% overlap.
Insulation: Polyethylene to BS 6234 Type 03. Collective screen:
Pair identification: Aluminium/p.e.t.p.laminated tape applied with the metallic side
a)Collectively screened cables:Colour coded in down in electrical contact with a 0.5mm 2 tinned copper
. accordance with Colour Code Chart 1 on page3 drain wire over the p.e.t.p.binder tape.
b)Individually screened pairs:One blue core and one Outer protection:
black core in each pair.Pairs identified by numbered Type 1 Extruded flame retardant PVC sheath.
screen isolation tape. Type 2 Extruded polyethylene bedding,alvanised steel
Pair screens wire armour,extruded flame retardant PVC sheath.
Aluminium/p.e.t.p.Laminated tape applied with the metallic Minimum bending radius:
side down in electrical contact with a 0.5 mm 2 tinned copper drain wire. Type 1 8 x diameter.
A 23 micron isolation tape is applied over the screening tape with a Type 2 12xdiameter.
minimum 50% overlap.
Voltage rating Temperature rating
300 volt core to earth and 500 volt core to core at maximum During Operation:-40 ?+70?
temperature of 65 ? During Operation:-0 ?+50?
These cables are not for direct connection to the public mains supply
Electrical characteristics
Parameter Note Unit Conductor size
0.5mm 2
0.5mm 2
0.75mm 2
1.0mm 2
1.5mm 2
Conductor resistance max.


36.8 39.7 26.5 18.2 12.3
Insulation resistance max. GOxKm 5 5 5 5 5
Mutual capacitance at 1 kH
-One pair and two pair(Quad)cables with collective screen and all
cables with individually screened pairs
-Cables with only collective screen except one pair and two pair(Quad)
max. pF/m 115
Capacitance unbalance at 1 kHz max. pF/250m 250 250 250 250 250
Inductance/resistance ratio(L/R) max. ÁH/O 25 25 25 25 25
Test voltage
(Core:core) - V V 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Rated voltage max. V 300/500 300/500 300/500 300/500 300/500

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