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Def.Standards 61-12 Signal    

Defence Standard Signal Types A, C, D & S

Originally developed for military use, Defence Standard cables are designed for connection with ground, sea and air borne instrumentsand electronic equipment. They offer compact sizing, high working voltage and a large range of sizes both civil and military fields for high quality obust interconnection Cables . Robust and economical choice which can also be over sheathed or armoured for direct burial or duct installation.

N.B.: These Cables are not intended for use as power cables and must not be used for the direct connection of equipment to the main power supply.
All these cables are manufactured generally in accordance with the Defence Standard, however some sizes are not listed in the Standard but are supplied based on commercial demand.

Working Voltage 440V Rms up to 1600Hz  
Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C  
Current Rating 0.22 mmsq: 1 amp 0.5 mmsq: 2.5 amps  
Nominal Conductor
Max. Resistance @ 20°C
0.22 mmsq: 92 O/Km 0.5 mmsq: 40.1 O/Km  
Bending Radius (Static) 7.5 x Cable diameter  
Unscreened type 'A':
Conductor: Flexible Tinned Annealed Copper ;
Insulation: PVC;
Binder: PETP Transparent Tape;
Sheath: PVC
Duct grade versions have a heavy duty Black LDPE sheath.
Coverall Braid 'C':
Conductor: Flexible Tinned Annealed Copper;
Insulation: PVC;
Binder: PETP Transparent Tape;
Screen: Tinned Copper Wire Braid (a minimum fill factor of 0.7);
Sheath: PVC black to form circular cable.
Screened type 'S' has an overall Aluminium foil screen and tinned copper drain wire. RELEVANT STANDARDS :
To 61.12 Part 4 17/0.20To 61.12 Part 5 16/0.20
N ormally packed on 100m, 500m or 1000m spools, cables can also be cut to length when required.

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