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Products and Services

Cable & Wire

PVC Insulated and PVC Sheathed Power Cable

Voltage Rating
300/500V , 600/1000V or 1900/3300V

Conductors : Plain annealed stranded copper conductor
Insulation : Flame retardant PVC compound
Filler (where applicable) : PVC or Polypropylene yarn
Binder Tape (where applicable) : Polyester (mylar) tape
Oversheath : Flame retardant PVC compund
Core identification
Insulation 1-Core :
Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Yellow/Green or other colours as per customer's request
2-Core :
Red and Black
3-Core :
Red, Yellow and Blue
4-Core :
Red, Yellow, Blue and Black
Black, Grey or White
Test Standards
Design Standard Material Compliance Standard Flame Retardancy Test

BS 6360

BS 7655 BS 4066 PART 1

BS 6004

IEC 60811 IEC 60332-1

IEC 60227-3

. .

IEC 60228

. .

IEC 60502-1


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